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Implementing and running large scale Six Sigma programs.

IT Service Management and IT Outsourcing.


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Oliver currently is Vice President & General Manager, Unisys Enterprise Solutions, Europe at Unisys. He has global profit and loss responsibility for Unisys‘ large multinational clients in Europe. In addition, Oliver is general manager of Unisys Enterprise Services GmbH in Germany.

Unisys is a worldwide information technology company. Unisys provides a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology that solves critical problems for clients.

Unisys specializes in helping clients secure their operations, increase the efficiency and utilization of their data centers, enhance support to their end users and constituents, and modernize their enterprise applications. To provide these services and solutions, Unisys bring together offerings and capabilities in outsourcing services, systems integration and consulting services, infrastructure services, maintenance services, and high-end server technology.

With approximately 23,000 employees, Unisys serves commercial organizations and government agencies throughout the world.

Principal Products and Services

Unisys brings together services and technology into solutions that solve mission-critical problems for organizations around the world.

In the Services segment, Unisys provides services to help our clients improve their competitiveness, security and cost efficiency. Unisys' services include outsourcing, systems integration and consulting, infrastructure services and core maintenance.

In outsourcing, Unisys manages customers' data centers, computer servers and end-user computing environments as well as specific business processes.

In systems integration and consulting, Unisys consults with clients to assess the security and cost effectiveness of their IT systems and help them design, integrate and modernize their mission-critical applications to achieve their business goals.

In infrastructure services, Unisys provides design, warranty and support services for our customers' IT infrastructure, including their networks, desktops, servers, and mobile and wireless devices.

In core maintenance, Unisys provides maintenance of Unisys systems and products.

In the Technology segment, Unisys designs and develops servers and related products to help clients reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their data center environments. As a pioneer in large-scale computing, Unisys offers deep experience and rich technological capabilities in transaction-intensive, mission-critical environments. Unisys provides a range of data center, infrastructure management and cloud computing offerings to help clients virtualize and automate their data-center environments. Product offerings include enterprise-class servers, such as the ClearPath family of servers and the ES7000 family of Intel-based servers, as well as operating system software and middleware.

To drive future growth, Unisys is focusing its resources and investments in four targeted market areas: security; data center transformation, including our server business; end user outsourcing; and applications modernization.

Unisys – A History of Excellence

The 142-year history of Unisys is one of reliable, technically excellent, tenacious people – people helping businesses and governments protect their assets and apply information technology to achieve new levels of competitiveness and success.

1994 – Services and solutions become the company's single largest business.

1993 – Unisys introduces 2200/500, the first mainframe based on complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology.

1992 – Unisys forms unit to deliver IT services.

1989 – Unisys introduces Micro A, the first desktop, single-chip mainframe.

1986 – Sperry and Burroughs merge to form Unisys Corporation.

1976 – Sperry introduces first cache memory disk subsystem.

1965 – Sperry introduces the 1108, the first multiprocessor computer.

1961 – Burroughs introduces the B5000 Series, the first dual-processor and virtual memory computer.

1953 – Burroughs introduces first 10-key adding machine. Remington Rand introduces UNIVAC 1103, the first commercial use of random access memory (RAM).

1952 – UNIVAC makes history by predicting the election of Dwight D. Eisenhower as U.S. president before polls close.

1949 – Remington Rand produces 409, the world’s first business computer. The 409 was later sold as the UNIVAC 60 and 120 and was the first computer used by the Internal Revenue Service and the first computer installed in Japan.

1946 – ENIAC, the world's first large-scale, general-purpose digital computer, developed at the University of Pennsylvania by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly.

1925 – Burroughs introduces first portable adding machine, weighing 20 pounds. Remington Typewriter introduces America's first electric typewriter.

1923 – Burroughs introduces direct multiplication billing machine.

1911 – Burroughs introduces first adding-subtracting machine.

1873 – E. Remington & Sons introduces first commercially viable typewriter.

Breaking News

  • Unisys names Tarek El-Sadany as Senior Vice President, Technology, and Chief Technology Officer
  • European Food Safety Authority chooses Unisys consortium for IT services and support
  • Unisys teams with ServiceNow to deliver new integrated service management solutions

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